On International TableTopDay 2013

Just going to add that 2013 at the top because I hope this does become an annual event.

I will say I was very much looking forward to TableTopDay since it was announced. I managed to get most of my friends enough notice so that we could plan to get together that day, even if only for a few hours. Since this was on Easter weekend everyone had other things going on during the day, and could not stay late because of early morning obligations but we had a solid 5 hours of table top gaming.

Previous to TableTop being aired (or really before youtube for that matter) I had purchased a few games but never really had a chance to play them. I already owned Killer Bunnies, Munchkin, Chez Goth, and Ninja Burger. Up till (and including now) those games have been played at most one time. It was really only in the last year that I really had the desire to get in to table top gaming. Most of my friends were already in to it, but for whatever reasons I never got a chance to play with them.

Earlier this year we started trying to make plans every so often to go over to one of my friends houses to play due to him having a large enough table to accommodate 6 people. The game of choice lately has been Talisman, but we’ve also played Zombie Dice, Tsuro, Settlers of Catan, and a couple others I can’t remember.

When TableTopDay was announced I immediately started trying to get everyone together. The next thing I did was order Dixit, Zombie Fluxx and Cthulu Fluxx off of Amazon. At that point I did not know there was a local gaming store that had opened up. Eventually I found the local store because I was looking up events in my area, and that was one of the two public events I saw. I made a note of the address and stopped by on the way over to my friends house.

I have to say I’m glad I found this store, but I know I will be spending too much money there. They had wall to wall games, dice, miniatures  and decks. They even have a demo set of most of there games so you can go in and play before you decide if you want to buy it. I had a nice talk with one of the guys there about what games were fairly popular, and how they have regular groups that come in to play games. I wound up buying Ticket to Ride (after seeing the live stream) and Cards Against Humanity. I did pick up Fluxx and Star Fluxx from Barnes and Noble that day, but that was just because I was there and couldn’t find a book to get.

So the actual table top part.

The first game we set up was Cards Against Humanity. I would like to talk about this, but it gives me bad memories. Let’s just say there were a few very gross out moments and I discovered that my friends and I are horrible, horrible people.

After that we decided to set up Ticket to Ride because all but one of us had never played it, which seemed wrong. At that point we lost all the ladies to the WiiU so it was just the four guys playing. I posted this on twitter last night, but the initial set up before we had any trains going:

The first game went a little slow because we were all learning how to play. But in the end I won by one point due to having longest route. (I was blue).

The second game was a massacre. One of my friends missed all his routes so only ended up with around 30 points. The winner had a route that went all the way around the board and had 3-4 routes completed. He ended up with around 140 points and creamed us.

Unfortunately we had to call it there because people had Easter church service in the morning. Though all in all fun was had by all. Even though we lost the ladies to the WiiU they had fun on their own and we got to learn a new game. I’m going to try to get everyone together on a regular basis to play games even if there is only four of us at a time.

I am not sure any of this would have happened without TableTop being produced. And I know for sure this blog would not exist because it was a direct result of an episode.

Really if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t even care so much about playing table top games.

Now to go home and play Ticket to Ride on the iPad.