On Being Lazy, stepping outside comfort zones, and making videos.

EDIT: I ended up deleting that channel so the videos aren’t available anymore so I took them out.


Ok so I haven’t posted to the blog in awhile, and there is a pretty good reason for that.

Over the last few months I was taking my last required college course to get my computer science degree. The class in general was a giant pain in my backside, and required me giving up most of my free time and what little social life I had in order to actually pass the class. Mercifully I managed to pull a B in the class and graduated. So at this point all I’m waiting on is my diploma to be printed and then I can parade it around work and tell people to kiss my butt for the five years of grief I got for not having a degree.

Well, not really going to do that, but I have considered the option of having my diploma screen printed on to a t-shirt and wearing to work.

So, now that that is over with some stuff I’ve been up to recently.

A couple weeks back Geek & Sundry started asking for submissions to be featured vloggers on their new vlog channel. I thought this was an interesting idea and figured I’d give it a shot. Fast forward a couple weeks later and I actually got around to doing it. I went out and spent around $60 on a new logitech webcam since the one I had was pretty crappy, and decided to make a go of it.

The first video I made was admittedly kind of personal. I talked a bit about how reading comic books had helped me become the person I am. Something I wasn’t particularly comfortable with doing. Uploaded the video to then realize that I had jacked up the audio. Apparently when trying out some new compression settings on Sony Vegas it had desynced the audio so that it was about a half second off.

So after fiddling with it for a while I finally got the audio & video in sync and reposted the video to youtube, gave myself a pat on the back for stepping outside of my comfort zone and went to bed. Probably a couple days later I received an email saying that my submission was rejected for one of four possible reasons.

1) It was too long.

I guess I could understand that one. The time limit was 5 minutes and I was slightly over.

2) Did not submit a link, or the link submitted did not work (meaning no video was submitted).

Well I knew it wasn’t that because I tested the link out before I sent it.

3) Not an original video submission, meaning that it was an existing video that was already made, but not specifically for the purpose of the submission.

Couldn’t be that because that was the first vlog I had ever posted and pretty much stated in the video that is what it was for.

4) “The video was a web series episode, interview show, comedy sketch or in a format that was not a vlog.”

Thought, okay, it might be that one because it wasn’t so much about a regular topic as something you might see on some garbage on MTV.

So figured I’d just make a new video and submit that one. They were nice enough about the email, and it said feel free to resubmit a new video and try again.

Spent a couple hours filming and editing a vlog about some pro’s for both digital comics and print comics as I read both, and the purpose of said vlog was going to be comics. I thought it came out decent enough. A few “ums” and “uhs” though, but I’m not a professional at this and was nervous so whatever. This time I made sure to keep it under the time frame, and was in my opinion in a vlog format. But I guess I was wrong because it was rejected as well.

Now, I know I sound like I’m complaining, and that is partially correct. I don’t mind that my video was rejected. To be honest I never really expected it would be good enough. I did it mainly to do something outside of my comfort zone and I accomplished that goal. The only thing that bothers me, and this is not specific to them, is getting a generic email that in no way actually helped me to make better content.

So what I’m going to do is try and get better at this. I’ll use this as a learning experience and I’ll try to make more and just put them on my channel. If people watch them and enjoy them that’s fine too. I’m sure the reason it wasn’t accepted was because there was already a show talking about comics, but honestly that’s the one thing I could do well. I don’t do crafts or dress up or anything unique.

So here’s to trying and stepping doing something new.

Here’s the submission for what it’s worth:


The last thing that I’ve been up to, and will continue to do at least for awhile, is making Let’s Play videos.

I recently purchased a couple indie games that I had seen featured on other Let’s Play channels and figured I would give it a shot as well. I find it a bit easier than sitting in front of a camera since all you hear is my voice.

Right now I only have a couple of videos up, but I find I enjoy making them. Even if they never become popular or get me thousands of subscribers I’ll keep making them. At least as long as I have games to play, and time to make the videos.

I have also been following the new console information that has been coming out, but I think I’m going to either write a new post for that or make a vlog about it and post it sometime in the near future.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Went off on a bit of a rant.

And if for any reason anybody reading this is from Geek & Sundry, I really don’t hold it against you that I didn’t get accepted. There was a very small chance of that anyways, and I’m sure my content was just not what you were looking for. So don’t take this as me trashing your channel, I enjoy most of the programming and this account wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for that.