On Elder Scrolls Online – The Not So Good

So yesterday I discussed the finer point of Elder Scrolls Online, which I still maintain is a great game and is worth playing. Today though, I’m going to talk a little bit about the things I personally find annoying, or am not a huge fan of. Granted I don’t really think there is a lot to this topic, but I’m trying to post more, and I feel I should mention both aspects of the game.

Gold Farmer / Spammers

Ok, so this topic is absolutely not a game related issue. This is far from the first MMO where I’ve had to deal with gold farmers and spammers. This is more of a general MMO complaint. Personally I think the GM’s and other customer support people handle this very well from what I can tell. They make it easy to report a player and from what I understand actively pursue them. I just wish there was a way to filter chat or in game mail. But like I said, that is directed at all MMO’s not necessarily ESO.


This is another minor issue, which pretty much any issue I’ve had with the game up this point I’d consider minor. But, sometimes the questing feels a bit repetitive to me. The story associated to a quest line might be full of intrigue, and itself be really good, but the quests themselves tend to follow a pattern when going through a zone. There is usually the main story arc where you do one thing and that leads to a lot of other zone spanning quests. Where it starts feeling repetitive is when you run in to all the little side quests to help find a missing friend/relative/spouse who may or may not be dead and or not really missing but part of the cult that you’re trying to get rid of.

That being said, I still love the questing. Again, this is not an issue strictly related to ESO as I think it is a common means of moving the player through an area. I doubt I could come up with better if I was making the game myself. I think that the story is interesting, and it does get to the point and moves you along. And thankfully even though there are some ridiculous fetch quests, they go by quickly.


From the header you might think I’m talking about the price of the game, or that it is a subscription based game. Absolutely not. I feel that this game is worth every cent I spent on it. I’m a proud owner of a physical collectors edition and will happily pay the monthly cost as long as I’m playing the game. When I say cost, I refer to the cost of mounts in game. The price seems substantially high to me, and makes it difficult to obtain a mount unless you spend a lot of time playing, which I don’t.  I probably play less than 10 hours per week right now due to work and other games, so the price tag on mounts seems a bit excessive to me.

Bag Space

Ok so this is my one true complaint about the game. I’m always running out of bag space. I do think you start off with a good amount of space, 60 slots, and yes you can expand this for a price. I just wish this was a bit easier to obtain. I understand this was intentional, even if I don’t know why. I just feel like the cost of getting additional space is not worth it (which I haven’t yet). I’d rather have bag slots and be able to buy user crafted bags to fill those slots.

That all being said though, I still enjoy the game and I plan to play it for as long as I find it interesting. I tend to get a bit bored with MMO’s after a few months, or when the next big one comes out. But with what I understand about things still in development, and the fact that there is so much to do I am sure I’ll be playing this one for awhile. I think that Zenimax did a great job with the game, and everyone that worked on it should get a thank you and a job well done. Every game has its own issues, and it is how they deal with them that is important.


One response to “On Elder Scrolls Online – The Not So Good

  1. I think the real problem with the quests is that they spent so much time and effort avoiding the “trite” mmo quests like “kill X of this mob” that the quests we might have previously considered unique and refreshing have become trite themselves.

    Using ground traps to capture (flying) harpies is adorably naive the first time you encounter it, but reusing the ploy later on kind of feels like listening to a 3 year old tell the same joke over and over again because it made people laugh the first time.

    And good googly moogly the bag space issue. Right now my DK is running around with easily 30 different cooking ingredients in her bags because I don’t know what I can sell and what I should keep. I still feel that with the prohibitive costs of inventory space that I should be able to invest skill points into crafting trees for special crafting storage (accessible at the stations themselves?).

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