On The Most Frustrating Game Ever

If you read my post a few days ago, you’ll know which game I’m referring to here.

Dark Souls 2…

Yeah, this game is probably the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. Which is saying a lot since I did finish the last Dark Souls. Now, if you don’t know anything about the series I’ll sum it up for you really quick. You’re going to die. A lot. This is not an understatement, or the fact that I feel like I suck at the game. You’re going to die and it is going to make you want to throw your controller through your TV (or in my case PC monitor).

I really am not sure why the game designers hate the players so much, but I think they new there is a little bit of a masochist in everyone and that they would play this game until they wept. Or in my case get very creative with the foul language, which would make my mother weep to hear me say such things. So in truth, if they want you to go through that, they did an excellent job.

When I say this game is frustrating, I’m not even sure that is an accurate description. I do think that is the best word for the situation, but I don’t think it accurately describes the amount of anguish and self loathing that you will experience while playing the game.

Now there are a couple of things about this game that I don’t really care for (besides the feelings of insecurity it places on me). Namely always online connectivity and cheaters. Let me point out I am playing the PC version of this game, so I don’t know if the console versions make it easier to stay offline. The only ways I know to accomplish this on the PC is to start Steam in offline mode, or hope their servers are down. Personally I don’t like playing single player games online. I don’t like some random person being able to come in to my game at inopportune moments and screw me over. That is just not appealing to me. I don’t like pvp in MMO’s and I certainly don’t want it in my single player game.

The other thing I don’t like, but have not personally experienced, is cheaters. A friend of mine, who has put out a few gameplay videos of this, has had several run ins with people who have hacked their save file to allow them to have infinite health, or infinite souls. Personally, if you’re playing offline, I don’t care. I just don’t think it’s cool to go invade another players game (pvp) when they have no chance to kill you. I’m also not saying cheating is cool, because in this instance it defeats the purpose of the game. From what I’ve read though I think the game has been patched to either prevent this, or deal with players who have modified source files.

Now I have live streamed this game a couple times so if you feel like watching me suck horribly you can go to my twitch channel and watch. There is no commentary so it might be a bit boring. Note: So I’m not sure what is up with twitch, but my videos don’t seem to be there anymore, so never mind on the “go watch me suck” part.

I’ll leave with saying I am not sure when I will finish this game, because man, I can’t seem to play more than an hour or two without wanting to throw something. Oh and a couple screenshots, cause this game has some amazing scenery on the PC version.




2 responses to “On The Most Frustrating Game Ever

  1. I was toying with the idea of buying this game but as I’ve got older my gaming has become more focused on having fun than very hard challenges, so I opted no to eventually.

    As for the cheaters I think the developers need to step up and police the game more thoroughly. One player should never be able to grief another due to poor game design or a security lapse.

    Oh and welcome to the NBI 🙂

    • Thanks for the welcome.

      I do think that they have implemented some changes, though I’m not sure what exactly. I saw a reddit post where people were talking about the game verifying your files before letting you access the server. But I’m not sure that would prevent people from cheating in offline mode.

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