On Min-Maxing

So this title might be a bit misleading. I have no skill at what most gamers probably think of when referring to min-maxing, namely stat prioritization and the like.

In this instance I am talking about the category for which I have been nominated for a newbie blogger award. To be honest, I am a bit shocked about this. I’m excited that it happened, but completely shocked. There are a lot of really good bloggers nominated for various awards and I’m happy to be included in this. I don’t know if I always write things that are worth reading, but I’ve enjoyed reading peoples comments and the supportive comments from the community.

If you have the time go and check out the other nominees on the list and read their blogs as well. You don’t have to sign up to view the list, though I think you do have to sign up for something to vote.

So even if I don’t win anything I’m glad to have been nominated. And I’ve really had a good time writing this blog and having people come and read it on a regular basis.

Newbie Blogger Awards <– list of nominees

Voting Here


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