On Fabled Events

So I’ve had a bit of a rough time coming up with topics, and generally having the time to write. All I’ve been doing lately is playing Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t really give me anything new to talk about. I’m not one for relaying stories of what I’m doing, mainly cause I’m not doing anything worth talking about, and because that isn’t what this blog is really about.

Thankfully my friend Bel has been posting writing suggestions so I’m going to steal borrow one of those for today’s post.

For me GenCon is this fabled event, what is yours? What is the event that you would love to attend but have never had the opportunity to do so for whatever reason.

For me this would have to be Comic Con. Not just any Comic Con, but the San Diego Comic Con. The big one. The one that everyone wants to go to. If you’ve ever listened to the Aggrochat podcast when I’ve been on you’ll know I’m a huge comic book fan. I would spend so much money on that as a hobby if I could, and eventually will (darn you student loans…*cough*).

Anyways, right now this is a bit out of my budget but is certainly something I want to do at some point in the future. I had been planning to hit up the Tulsa comic con in November but I’m not sure my budget will allow me to go and enjoy myself. I could probably get the tickets and hotel plus travel costs, but I wouldn’t have the money to blow on comics & toys like I would want. I’ve done a con before where I only had enough money to cover my part of the room and gas but I couldn’t buy anything so the whole trip sucked.

I do think that once next summer rolls around and a lot of my expenses go away I’ll start saving up for the San Diego trip. I’d love to go and be able to come back with some amount of goodies, even if I had to ship them back home. I might still be able to go to the Tulsa one that’s coming up, but I need to take a look at my budget and see what I can afford.


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