The Doctor Hannah thing started after I watched one of the earlier episodes of Geek & Sundry’s web series Tabletop. In that particular episode Felicia Day made up a zombie character named Dr. Hannah who was stuck in the hospital where he died.

Initially it was just the twitter account, which I figured I’d make for a good laugh and tweet once or twice on it for fun. Then something unexpected happened and Felicia Day actually followed the account and since then I’ve had a few people join every few days to where I’m sitting around 200 right now.

I wasn’t sure I would keep the account at first, like I said it was started as a bit of a joke. Suprisingly people have kept following it and at least a few have found their way to the blog. The blog was just going to be the backstory I initially wrote, but I ended up having several discussions about gaming with people so I figured I’d put that kind of stuff up here too.

I don’t really blog a whole lot, just whenever I feel like it. The last year has been hectic for me because of work and trying to finish my degree. With luck in two weeks (May 18, 2013) I will get a passing grade in my last class and get my degree.

For the bio of the fictional character the blog is based on, you can read the original series of posts from this blog, or you can watch the Youtube video linked in the first post.

As for me here is a rundown:

Profession: Software Developer

Hobbies: Doodling, Gaming (Console, PC)

I don’t really have a preferred type of game. I usually just play anything that grabs my attention. As long as there is some kind of story (in games you expect a story) I can at least play it. I do get a bit ADD with gaming though so I have to force myself to play one game at a time or I never finish any of them.


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