On Sniper Elite 3

So over the weekend I finished up Sniper Elite 3 on the PS4, and I have to say I enjoyed this game. It isn’t a long game, at least not for me. I’m used to playing RPG style games that take 40+ hours to complete, and I think my total campaign time for my playthrough was around 17 hours. According to How Long To Beat website, it is possible to burn through the story in 6 hours. I can see that happening if you know what you’re doing and you skip all the optional stuff.

Before I picked this up I played through Sniper Elite v2 on the PC and enjoyed it, so when this game was released I decided to pick it up. Comparatively speaking the games are pretty close to each other mechanics wise, and the graphics seem to only be slightly improved over the previous version. Not that the graphics are bad in either game, and 3 does look better, it just seems to me like they are pretty close graphically. The controls are the same as far as I can tell, I played Sniper Elite 2 with an XBox controller and Sniper Elite 3 with the PS4, but the layouts are close enough that it wasn’t confusing.

If you know nothing of the series, it is a 3rd person, over the shoulder stealth game. Well, you should stealth. You don’t get much ammo for anything other than your sniper rifle so it’s in your best interest to, you know, snipe. The feature that (as far as I know) is unique to this game is the x-ray kill cam. Most of the time when you snipe a target you are treated to a short cinematic of the bullet destroying your targets insides. For me this involved a lot of faces exploding, cause headshots. On most difficulty settings you have the option to have a form of “assisted aiming” that lets you see where your bullet will hit when you use the breathing technique button to steady your aim. There are setting to take this off, but I don’t think I’m that good of a shot.

Before every mission you can choose your weapons and items that you will start with, called your Loadout, of which you can save four different combinations. To be honest having more than one seemed a bit pointless, but might be more useful in multiplayer mode. I pretty much stuck to the same one the entire game, swapping out rifles as they were unlocked. You have three main weapons, sniper rifle, assault rifle, and pistol along with medpacks, grenades and a couple types of mines. I think throughout the game I used only 4 of the items, and I used my silenced pistol almost as much as my rifle.

The game is pretty challenging in that you can’t just fire a gun repeatedly without the guards coming at you full force. If you fire you have to move, and fire and move. The only way around this is the times when there is a loud enough noise that it will cover up your shots. If you find one with a good vantage point you can clear a good area of guards before you have to move. Since these masking sounds are not guaranteed you have to be extra careful. This usually led me to sneaking around using melee stealth kills or my silenced pistol. This becomes increasingly difficult when you start getting guys in groups.

Once you finish the campaign there is some replayability. Finding collectibles, doing challenge modes and multiplayer if you are a PS+ subscriber. I tried the challenge mode last night, but I don’t plan to play multiplayer at all, and I don’t think I’ll play through a second time. It’s not because it isn’t a good game, I just don’t feel like there is enough sandbox to play through a second time.

I feel like I had more to talk about here, but I got interrupted with work meetings so I’ve lost my train of thought. So I’m going to leave off with a video of me playing the “Hunt For the Grey Wolf” aka “Kill Hitler” DLC.