On Divinity

Well today is the start of August, or as some bloggers I follow are calling it Blaugust. I’m not sure where it came from, but the idea is to try and post every day of the month in August. Now I’ve been slacking a lot since the summer started, due to work and other factors, so I don’t know if I’ll necessarily post everyday, but I’ll try to do a better job at keeping the blog updated.

Lately I have been playing Divinity Original Sin CO-OP with a friend of mine that I’ve known for at least the better part of a decade. Both of us are pretty big on gaming, though this is the first time we’ve really done a co-op game together. We both had pre-ordered Divinity and thought it would be good to play with someone else. I simply join my friends game and she takes care of all the game saving and hosting duties. Which gives me my first point of topic. I wish both players could save the game, not just the host. I’m not sure how much of an issue it would be for the game to merge save states, and I can understand why it isn’t available. I just would like to be able to handle inventory tasks and crafting while we’re not playing together.

Other than that I think I love every aspect of the game (almost). The sound track is excellent, the voice acting has been great so far, and the story is interesting and keeps you moving. One of my favorite aspects of the game is how elemental damage and different damage types affect different enemies. As a melee character I always try to have a crushing weapon and a slashing weapon on hand to handle every situation.

Our party make up right now consists of two casters and two melee characters. I handle both melee and my friend handles both casters. Between her two casters we have all four elemental type spells, which you can often use in conjunction with the environment. One of my favorite fights in the game came at the end of the first area where you are fighting an undead boss and several minions. The boss was standing in a pool of water which my friend cast a frost spell at and made it in to a slick ice patch. When the boss attempted to move the next turn he slipped on the ice and fell, taking him out of the fight for three turns.

I could probably go on and on about what I love about this game (seriously have fun each time we play), but there are a couple issues I have with it. The biggest issue I have is the camera. There isn’t much ability to move the camera around to get a better angle on what you’re doing. If you’re in an enclosed space, such as a bedroom, and you are looking for a specific thing it is very difficult if that thing is on a wall that you can’t turn the camera to see.

The other issue I have is minor, and that is the crafting system. It seems overly complicated to learn how to craft items, which usually only involves putting two items together to make a new item. The problem is this either requires you to spend a lot of time doing trial and error, or doing a google search to see what other people have discovered. I wish there was a crafting interface where you could at least have a recipe list to craft from, even if you had to discover crafting books to learn them.

That all being said, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys turn based strategy games.

I wish I had some screenshots to post on here, but they are all on my home computer. I’ll try to remember to upload them to my Anook gallery later tonight when I get home.